AutoSummary is an Add-in for Office PowerPoint 2010 ®. It will help you to insert automatically summary slide or progression slides, progression reminder in the head and the page number in the footer.
AutoSummary - Ribbon
AutoSummary - Summary


Easily create a slide listing all your powerpoint's sections. Summary could also detail slides' title. AutoSummary - Summary
AutoSummary - Progression slides

Progression slides

Insert summary slides at the beginning of each section to remind your audience of the state of the presentation. AutoSummary - Progression slides
AutoSummary - Progression reminder

Progression reminder

Always give your audience a clue of the state of the presentation with the presentation headers. AutoSummary - Progression reminder
AutoSummary - Slides' number

Slides' number

In addition to the paging provided in PowerPoint, we give you slides numbering with the total number of slide. AutoSummary - Slides' number

System requirements

OS : Windows Vista, Windows 7 or later

Microsoft Powerpoint 2010 ® (include in Office 2010 ®)

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